Air quality monitoring around cycle routes 

Air quality is vital for the future of our society. Bratislava aims to be a good place to live. That’s why we care about climate change and sustainable urban living. 

We want all people who choose to use an energy-efficient mode of transport to move around in an environment with good air quality.  

Bratislava intends to install its own camera and sensor network by 2027, which, in addition to safety, will also monitor air quality and track the traffic.  

Technical solution
We installed cameras at busy locations in the city centre to track the movement of pedestrians and cyclists in selected sections. Sensors were installed at the same locations to measure air quality through temperature, humidity and dust parameters PM2.5, PM10 


  • Šafárikovo námestie
  • Námestie Ľ. Štúra
  • Kollárovo námestie


  • expert discussion with stakeholders, 
  • preparation and specification of sensors’ technical parameters, 
  • clearly defined goal and vision for the future, 
  • communicating the air quality issue 


    • limited possibilities with electricity and internet connection, 
    • problems with equipment integration,  
    • orientation of cameras according to the project needs (in Kollárovo námestie, the camera for monitoring pedestrians and cyclists was mounted at the wrong angle, which led to irrelevant data), 
    • network connection was not restored after changes in the infrastructure of City Hall,   
    • repairing defects requires a long period of time, 
    • air quality meters only measured temperature, humidity, PM2.5, PM10 (a wider list of parameters was required). 


      Bratislava aims to construct its own camera and sensor network by 2027 to monitor air quality as well as safety. When selecting the appropriate equipment, the main focus will be on correctly identifying critical locations, selecting equipment that will meet local specifics, and directing cameras in all directions to obtain comprehensive results. 


      The project was developed based on the Gratuitous Cooperation Agreement with Orange Slovensko and Kalm IT.